Ukraine being largest country in Europe and the 46th largest in the world has a total of 459 cities. They are categorized under three status based on the population of each city.

Kiev – also known as Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. Located on the north-central part of the country on shore of  Dnieper river this is the most populous city of Ukraine.

Kharkiv – the second most populous city of Ukraine is also known as Kharkov is located in the north eastern side of the country

Odessa – one of the most frequented cities by tourist in Ukraine is the third most populous city. Due to its geographical location on the northwestern shore of Black Sea, Odessa has become the seaport and transportation hub of Ukraine.

Dnipro or Dnipropetrovsk –   with a roughly estimated population of about 1 millions inhabitants, the fourth most populous city of Ukraine is located in the south central part of Ukraine and is about 391 kms from the capital city Kiev.

Donetsk – located on the shores of the Kalmius River has a very good strength of population and based on the same it has become the industrial hub for the country.

Zaporizhia- was formerly known as Alexandrovsk. This too is located on the shores of Dnieper River on the southeastern part of Ukraine and claims to be the sixth most populous city.   

Lviv – considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine is the largest city on the Western side of the country.

Kryvyi Rih or Krivoy Rog – is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Along with administration of Kryvyi Rih Municipality this city has been developed to have the biggest urban city life amongst all the cities of Ukraine.

Vinnytsia – a western central city of Ukraine it is located on the banks of the Southern Bug.

Poltava – a city on Vorskia River is the capital city of both Poltava province and district.

Ivano – Frankicsk – yet another city of historic importance is located in western Ukraine and has a large area of rural localities.

Ternopil – in the western Ukraine is located on the banks of Seret River. This city is served by Ternopil Airport.

Melitopol, KerchNikopol, Chernihiv or Chernigo, Rivne SlovianskUzhhorod, Berdiansk, Alchevsk, Pavlohrad, Sieverodonetsk, Yevpatoria, Lysychansk, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Brovary, Konotop, Uman, Mukachevo, Oleksandriia, Khrustalnyi, Yenakiieve, Shostka, Berdychiv, Yalta, Bakhmut, Nizhyn, Izmail are few other important cities of Ukraine that are among the big cities and of historic and industrial importance out of the 459 cities that Ukraine has.