Ukraine, which means “homeland or region”, is the largest country in entire Europe and also ranked as the 46th largest country in the world. Ukraine has been an important area of Slavic culture ever since the Middle Ages.  The dominant religions followed in Ukraine are Eastern Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism. Ukraine is a developing country and has been ranked 88th on the Human Development Index.

Based on its geographical location Ukraine mostly comprises of fertile plains and plateaus as because it has a network of several rivers flowing through it, mainly Dnieper, Seversky Donets, Dniester and Southern Bug all draining into the Black Sea and some in the smaller Sea of Azov.

The predominant climate of Ukraine is Temperate or Tepid Climate as the latitudinal location of the country is between the Tropics and Polar regions. However, the southern part of Crimea has a subtropical climate. Areas in Ukraine are characterized by wider temperature ranges throughout the year and more distinct seasonal changes than Tropical Climatic areas.

The climate is moderately warm throughout the year and has a continuous flow of humid air blowing from the Atlantic Ocean. Average temperature in the country ranges from 5.5-7C in the Northern parts and 11-13C at the Southern part.

Rains, Drizzle, hailstorm and other forms of precipitation is disproportionately distributed with a higher amount in the North and western side and lower on Eastern and Southern part of the country.

With an appropriate Geographical and climatic condition humans have adapted well to it.