The cost of living in a specific country is based on the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living in different regions of that country. The basic calculation is done on expenses on food, drink, clothing, household supplies, personal care items, home rents, transport, school and recreational cost.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and comprises of 459 cities. With a favourable geographical location it has several sectors to generate employment. From Agriculture, Industries -ranging from mining to chemical, Automotive to ship building, IT, Tourism and Financial Sector citizens of Ukraine and also foreign workers come here for a better future opportunity.

With an emerging free market economy Ukraine boasted of a positive GDP as announced by World Bank in April, 2017 thereby ending its ever fluctuating GDP since 2010 due to recession and varied reasons.

The cost of living for any foreigner dweller in Ukraine is quite reasonable. With basic expenses on Food, Transport, Education being within range, it is certainly lot cheaper than other European countries.

With special focus on Educational sector, foreign students have special features available for them to lead a comfortable life within a reasonable amount. There are special travel passes for regular travel, Special discounts on trains and buses for students to avail and also international Student card for maximum discount of Air travel for students.

Also for its local inhabitants the due to similar reasonable living cost and ample opportunity for work Ukraine is definitely a choice for living for many.