The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is the body that takes charge of the Education system in Ukraine. High standards of education has made Ukraine a frequented education hub for students all over.

Medical studies in Ukraine have been always popular among students from all across. From the time of Soviet Union and even after its collapse, Medical Education in Ukraine is considered worlds best and finest. Since many globally acclaimed medical graduates and academicians has been produced from medical colleges in Ukraine it is the first choice for medical aspirants all over the world for medical studies.

It houses students from over 70 countries every year in its Medical colleges. The Ministry of Health primarily governs all the medical universities of Ukraine.

As Ukraine is part of the Bologna Process and joined the European Education System and European Academic Research Community it inducted a set of high standard eligibility and qualification criteria to be at par with the other European countries in the medical sphere.

Medicine taught in the different prestigious colleges in Ukraine do not only abide by high standards of educational qualities but has numerous good facilities and the proper environment for students from all over the world to come and receive education. Its reasonable fee structure helps many students from simple background to pursue their dream as doctors by studying in an internationally acclaimed Medical college.

Qualified doctors from Ukraine are eligible for nearly all International and other licensing exams all over the globe.