Hostel No. Tuition Fee Hostel Fee Medical Insurance (6Yr)
4000 USD
1000 USD
550 USD
3Yr- 6Yr
4800 USD
1000 USD
550 USD

Poltava State Medical University is yet another State runned medical and dental University in Ukraine. It is also called the Ukrainian Medical and Stomatological Academy or UMSA.

Initially a part of the Kharkiv Medical Academy it shifted to the Poltava city and was renamed the Poltava State Medical University in 1967. Due to its low death rate during surgeries the University received the sixth highest accreditation level and hence the stature of a state medical university.

There are six specialized faculties and a preparatory department in this University. The specialized faculties are namely Toxicology, Pediatrics, Oral Surgery, Pharmacology, Nursing and orthopedic dentistry. Like all other medical universities the general medicine is for duration of 6 years and that for pharmacology is 5 years. Nursing takes two years and orthopedic dentistry for two years.

Students can easily enroll here if they have 12 years of educational tenure with science specialization and compulsory English. Students proficient in English despite not having compulsory English can also apply for the courses. However even those who have a ten to eleven years of education can also apply for the medical courses in this University but they need to complete a one year Premedical Program before embarking on the journey of medical courses.

The Poltava state Medical University has alumni strength of nearly 30000 trained students in the field of dentistry. It has best education facilities for foreign students and 750 foreign students from across 46 countries reside on campus annually. Qualified medical graduates can work in any part of Ukraine and other countries as apart from the sixth highest level of accreditation it is also a member of UNESCO and UN.

Be a part of this prestigious State Medical University and in turn contribute to the advancement of your own country in the medical field.